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Our core values are Inspirational Worship, Family Renewal, Evangelism, Outreach and Walking in Love. We are a Multicultural church and our mandate is to reach out to individuals as a friend, helping that one to reach his or her destiny.
Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know what I have planned for you,' says the Lord. 'I have plans to prosper you, plans of good and not of evil. I have plans to give you a bright future filled with hope
Family Renewal

Families and individuals shouldn’t feel afraid to seek out help for problems that come up.  Our primary focus here at Greater Works is to mend and build healthy relationships with in families. Family is important to us there for it is essential to your Christian walk to function as a healthy family.



Inspirational Worship

Praising God in Spirit and Truth. Glorifying God with the heart of David. It's all about God and His glory! For those who take part in this, worship becomes a way of life, and life becomes a way of worship. This is a way of being close with our Father, a way of giving back what the Giver first gave us



We are excited about all the effort that all of our Evangelist are putting into their missions. Christ has called us to go out and proclaim the Gospel to everyone and because it is the will of God, fear can generally stop the believer from  sharing the Gospel. We have a team of highly trained evangelist. People who are trained to communicate the Gospel clearly and effectively. They were personally trained to go out into the field and teach a perishing society about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 



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